Baume & Mercier replica watches Video. Celebrate Life’s First Successes with the Classima

— Baume & Mercier launches a new film for the Classima collection’s international digital campaign.


Replica Baume & Mercier’s timeless and elegant watches have always celebrated the unforgettable moments in life. An “initiatory watch” that is highly popular with the up and coming generation, the Classima now takes things to the next level by becoming the star of the new Baume & Mercier digital campaign. After signing a large number of partnerships with prestigious educational establishments (Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, London Business School, Hong Kong UST, American University of Dubai, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, etc.), Baume & Mercier is once again demonstrating its determination to accompany the managers of tomorrow on the path to success.

Professional achievements are sometimes due to the smallest factors: a wise reply during an interview, a bright idea put forward at the right moment, a chance encounter. Professional achievements do not just happen by chance, but are the result of considerable personal investment, years of intense and consistent study, along with a clear vision of work. We all remember our first professional accomplishments. Getting a job in the face of strong competition, a contract signed after weeks of negotiations, a prize awarded at a convention, a report that ends up on the CEO’s desk or a simple pat on the back after a meeting, equivalent to a thousand words of thanks. To accompany the worldwide launch of the Classima line, Baume & Mercier is revealing an exclusive film that embodies the spirit of this talisman-watch to the full: you can become the hero of your own life, let the world know and never forget it by symbolizing this date with a Classima.

The film was created by an agency called Mazarine Mlle Noï and directed by Emil Moller. It features the first professional achievement of a young manager who decides to highlight the moment by treating himself to a Classima watch.

Behind the scenes.
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The film is the focus of a #mymomentofsuccess competition. The aim? To accompany Classima and encourage young entrepreneurs to share an important moment that has changed their life with Baume & Mercier. Operating via social networks from July 27th to August 24th, Baume & Mercier offers young entrepreneurs an opportunity to share a particular moment that has changed their professional life. The tale of this “first success” (text and photograph or film) must be posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Google+ and accompanied by two hashtags: #mymomentofsuccess and #baumeetmercier. The winner’s name will be announced on September 7th. He or she will receive a Classima watch along with an invitation to the prestigious “Forbes Under 30 Summit”. Organized by Forbes USA magazine of which Baume & Mercier is a partner, this event taking place in Philadelphia from October 4th to 7th will bring together the most promising 1000 young entrepreneurs and “game changers” under the age of 30. The winner will also enjoy the benefit of his or her experience being promoted across all the Maison’s digital platforms.

Baume & Mercier is a partner of “Forbes Under 30 Summit”.
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