2015 Parmigiani Tonda Métro MJF Series Fake Watches UK For Sale

Montreux Jazz Festival held in Geneva, Switzerland lake town montreux.Every year,Swiss Parmigiani High Quality Replica Watches UK will be according to the poster festival artistic conception, make watch of wrist of men and women with special limited design, let the hour meter convey the artist’s mood and feelings, now it has become a tradition.


This year’s creative posters from Switzerland pop artist Sylvie Fleury. Posters cosmetic pigments and concrete passion collision, Sylvie Fleury,Parmigiani Leather Strap Fake Watches in the form of garage punk interprets the explosive joy festival spirit.


On this basis,Parmigiani Limited Edtion Copy Watches design create a men’s watch with a unique urban style. Asphalt central gray matte dial, decoration of the same color with a slight sheen spray pattern, and rhodium plating volute grain timing plate half block half mask, given its vitality and changing.


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