Latest 18K White Gold A.Lange & Sohne Replica Watches UK

Replica A.Lange & Sohne watches are famous for the anisomerous dial and noticeable calendar,the designer source of inspiration came from five-minute digital clock in Semperoper Dresden.Since 175 years,the digital clock is an important symbol for this world-famous opera.


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Semperoper Dresden was built in 1841 and this excellent digital clock made a splash at that time.The cheap fake watches inventor Johann Christian Friedrich Gutkaes was appointed as royal watchmaker.With the help of Ferdinand Adolph Lange,Christian added to two working gear which is antidromic on a huge spring equipment and hang it above the stage with 20meters high. After 28 years, the digital clock and opera all destroyed in the fire.The opera was rebuilt in 1878,Ludwig Teubner treated original works as blueprint and made a new stage clock.Opera was destroyed again in the Second World War.When the new building opened the third time in 1985,this classical clock still hang over the stage and shown time for audience.

LANGE 1 appeared in 1994,and the watches big calendar opened a new era. A.Lange & Sohne applied a subtle design on the wristwatches for saluting to forefathers.The big calendar’s size is five times bigger than the traditional calendar and it is clear to read.

A.Lange & Sohne launched a new L121.1 movement made for manufactory and played an important role in continuation of LANGE 1replica watches.A.Lange & Sohne which owned excellent watchmaking technology have seen by Swiss replica watches brands.Expect 18K rose gold,18K gold and platinum 950,the wristwatches published an latest style with 18K white to choice for you.


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