Fake Tudor Leads Pioneer to Drive the Trend of Weave Strap

Tudor replica for men always be the coolmax of watch, with its unique style to lead the trend of contemporary era, it makes other brand scrambling to imitate, weave strap is one of the instances. In 2009, weave strap heated among the running watch collectors. However,almost all the Swiss high grade watch brands hadn’t caught the chance or considered the weave strap had no connection with precision industry which gave Tudor a best chance to perform itself. Tudor Style Workshop anticipate it and then they cooperated with traditional textile workshop to make fashional weave strap, while chasing the perfext details added more wearing fun.

Replica Tudor Watches

Replica Tudor Watches

Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show 2011, Tudor introduced Heritage Chrono and firstly to attach a weave strap; Strap color perfectly echos with dial color also highlights classical style of Racing industry. It was widely popular by watch fans which shows Tudor’s special and insight. After that, each Tudor Heritage all attach an exclusive weave strap. Recently, the most attractive watch is no other than Heritage Ranger wrist watch, its green weave painting is not printed on the strap but weaved by different streaks which shows great sense and offers a superexcellent comfort and endurance.
Weave replica watches leather strap used very widely, its origin related to military applications, In the early 70s, NATO adapted waterproof nylon as strap, although it was not such confortable, it conformed to the economic benefit and easily to be replaceed. Since 2000, weave strap has been widely spreaded among collectors, Tudor Style Workshop decided to devote it and reappraised. They used classic roadster’s seat belt as inspiration to make adjustable strap and use buckle to fix the strap at certain place. Tudor Style Workshop even work with the historical textile workshop who was the only minority textile workshop still carried the “jacquard weave”. The experimental result also evident that there were no limits of the weave pattern’scomplexity.  Meanwhile, “jacquard weave” has an advantage of high density yarn to ensure the strap flexible and comfortable and sturdy and durable.
Up to this day, Tudor supplied different kinds of style weave straps whose materials origin from polyethylene fiber, silk and cotton in order to reach specific texture and desired effect. Weave strap has been a classic in the watchmaking zone, but cheap replica Tudor still has its charismatic skills and esthetics features.


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