TAG Heuer Replica Watches Partnership agreement with Taiwan BaseBall CPBL

Swiss Replica Watches — This new partnership will establish TAG Heuer’s standing as the Timekeeper for The Famous Beautiful game in Taïwan.

On 11th March, Replica TAG Heuer announced during a press conference in Taipei a landmark, long-term partnership agreement with CPBL, with the presence of symbolic infielder and outfielder, Chi-Shen Lin from Chinatrust and Guo-Hui Kao from EDA-Rhinos.

2015 has been a fantastic journey to Chi-Shen Lin and Guo-Hui Kao. Chi-Shen Lin achieved the first 30-30 season in Taiwan baseball games. In January 2016, he signed with Chinatrust Brothers as a free agent, this is the pioneering contract in Taiwan. The powerful outfielder from EDA-Rihnos, Guo-Hui Kao, renovated the record of himself and Taiwan Baseball: 39 home run in single season, which praised as “Kao Barrier”.

Baseball is not merely a ball game in Taiwan, it embodies the never-give-up soul inherited in Taiwan people. Dynamic Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) helps to develop baseball in Taiwan. From educating teenagers, casting the youths, to promoting game tickets and managing social media fan pages, CPBL holds the vocation developing baseball, anticipating the glory of Taiwan baseball in the world.
This new partnership, which commences in 2016, will further establish Fake TAG Heuer’s standing as the Timekeeper for The Famous Beautiful game in Taïwan, implementing the spirit of #Don’tCrackUnderPressure on the field with the players and with their fans.


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